Plastic Nameplates and Logos

Plastic nameplates/logos can be injection molded, etched plastic, chromex or die cut. Depending on your quantity requirements and
design we will recommend the most cost effective means of attaining the look that you desire. Only ID3 offers this
broad of a choice in plastic nameplates. All of our plastic nameplates are three dimensional. Plastic nameplates are available in
a variety of processes. Our etched poly (plastic) nameplates offer the look of a 3D molded nameplate without the tooling,
recommended for low to mid volume. We offer a page dedicated to each type of plastic nameplate so that you can get a better
understanding of each of the plastic nameplate processes.

Our plastic nameplates offer the highest quality, and quick turnarounds due to the fact that all our nameplates are
manufactured in the United States. The key to a great looking molded plastic nameplate is quality tooling and we guarantee all
of our molds for the life of the product. If a mold goes bad before the product is out of date, we pay to have
the mold replaced.

Plastic nameplates - injection molded
Copy can be raised or sunk.
   Any color background or copy including look of metal.
   Nameplate can have any configuration even freeform.
   Mounting: Holes, Posts or Adhesive.
   Recommended Minimum Qty: 250
Plastic 3D Nameplates/Logos with the Look of Metal!
Background available in "Burnished Steel", "Champagne Gold",
   "Aluminum Flake" or Metallic Colors.
   Copy available in any hot stamped finish.
   Available in molded plastic as well as etched Plastic.
Plastic Nameplates/Logos - No Tooling
Etched Plastic Nameplates.
   Any color background.
   Copy can be raised or recessed.
   Plastic nameplate can be decorated first and/or second surface.
   Nameplates must be rectangle, square, circle or oval.
Mounting: Holes or Adhesive.
   Recommended Minimum Qty: 25
Plastic nameplates with domed inserts
Domed silk-screened label inserted into a bezel.
   Bezel adds third dimension to a normal domed label.
Mounting: Holes, Posts or Adhesive.
Recommended Minimum Qty: 250


Chrome Plated Plastic Nameplates
   Injection molded chrome plated nameplates.
   Available in bright chrome and satin chrome.
Mounting: Holes, Posts or Adhesive.
Recommended Minimum Qty: 500


Chrome Nameplates
   More durable than chrome plated - less cost than chrome plated.
   Available in bright chrome or chrome with multiple colors.
   Carries 7 years exterior warranty.
Mounting: Adhesive.
   Recommended Minimum Qty: 500


Flexible Plastic Nameplates
   Injection molded flexible nameplates.
   Look just like a normal 3 Dimensional nameplate with some flex.
Mounting: Holes, Posts or Adhesive.
   Recommended Minimum Qty: 250


Individual Letters - available in chrome or colors. Thickness .005" - .150". Pre-spaced with masking for ease of application. Available in molded, chrome plated or die cut vinyl or PETG.


Injection Molded Faceplates or Panels
   Graphics never lost due to dirt, oil, or other grime.
   Tooling is a fraction of normal injection molded panel tooling.
Point of Purchase Signage
   Little or no tooling.
   Quick Delivery.

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