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Nameplates Plastic - 3D - No Tooling

Etched Plastic Nameplates (EPoly) are versatile and unique, creatively customized to reflect your brand via a combination of painting, hot stamping and/or screening (metallic or pigment). They are an etched plastic polymer with crisp detail, much like injection molding, and they have the look of a molded nameplate without the tooling. Etched plastic is an excellent choice for prototype nameplates as well as for low quantity production nameplates. These nameplates are ideal for orders of 25-200 and the minimum order quantity is 25.

What you need to know about Etched Plastic Nameplates:

·         Backgrounds can be smooth or textured and come in any color

·         Copy and background can be raised or recessed

·         Can be decorated first and/or second surface

·         Can be rectangle, square, circle, oval or a shape

·         Can be mounted with holes or adhesive

·         Etched plastic nameplates are available in .040", .080", .118", or .250" with a copy depth of .030"

Please note! EPoly cannot be used in exterior applications or in environments exposed to water.

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