Metal nameplates render a look that cannot be found in other mediums. Metal nameplates from ID3 offer short run as well as full production quantities without expensive tooling. For guidelines to our various metal nameplates, please read our design tips.

Metal nameplates are available in aluminum, brass, stainless and zinc. Unless a complicated design, they do not require tooling. Metal nameplates offer the look of metal, however the different processes can render totally different looking metal nameplates. We have several pages dedicated to our different types of metal nameplate. You want to choose the metal nameplate that is the right choice for your product. Below you will find a concise guide to the design of a metal nameplate and the differences in our metal nameplates.

Unlike our competitors, you work with ID3's president Steve Begor in all facets of the initial design phase. Steve works with every customer until the product actually hits the production floor. Have questions, looking for alternative looks, seeking design suggestions? Speak with Steve today!

You can fax prints, however black and white artwork should always be emailed.

We work in Illustrator or Photoshop. You can send your art files as one of these files or an eps or pdf.

ETCHED ZINC-blue-pillar-IMG 1833Etched Zinc (EZinc) nameplates provide the ultimate look in metal nameplates. EZinc is also an excellent material/process for small quantities. Parts are etched on a specially treated zinc plate then are cut into individual jobs, painted and surface finished. Each nameplate is cut into itself and edge finished before the final poly-coating. Because etched zinc nameplates are hand cut, all nameplates must have a background and should be rectangular, square or a circle design.

The maximum etch depth of etched zinc nameplates is .030" (deep etch) and are available in .040", .064", .125", .153". Your copy depth will be .030", so the thicker that you go over .064" is just adding background. Most .064" nameplates look as visually exciting as their thicker counterparts.

Another element to remember when designing etched zinc nameplates is that zinc is expensive and heavy. The thicker or bigger you go will increase costs as well as freight expense.

Etched zinc nameplates are available in any color (we can match to any PMS color). The color is normally on the recessed area with the background brushed silver or gold. If you want a raised copy etched zinc nameplate, the background will always have to be a color. You can have the copy either in the brushed silver or gold or another color. At ID3, we specialize in multiple colors on etched zinc nameplates.

Etched zinc nameplates can be affixed to your product with holes (mechanical fastening) or adhesive. You can also have studs or posts, however these are welded on the back of the part and are only as strong as the weld and costly.