ID3 offers custom designed 3d logos and three dimensional custom nameplates in various materials and styles. We produce nameplates that will make your logo jump out using quality materials which include plastic, metal, deep etched zinc and injection molded plastic.

Our industrial quality nameplates are perfect for all types of products and signage. Depending on your needs, ID3 can help you choose the right match of materials specific to where your nameplate will be used.

We have produced custom nameplates for clients in various industries which include but are not limited to: Automotive nameplates for cars and auto parts, musical logos and/or amp nameplates, Point of Purchase Nameplates (P.O.P.), Labels and Logos for various products. Furthermore, we use our nameplate expertise to also produce ADA Braille Signage & Corporate and Office Signage, Lobby Signs, Executive office door nameplates, desk nameplates/plagues, office room numbers, Condo signage and more!

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