At ID3 Logos, we are here to help you design and create the perfect nameplate for your product or needs. Our metal nameplates offer unparalleled quality and are available in several materials and made with several techniques.

Below is a brief overview of each of our metal nameplate options to help you determine which route is best for you.

Etched Zinc Nameplates:

Etched zinc nameplates provide a superior aesthetic that showcases the fine detail of your artwork without the cost of tooling and can be rendered in multiple colors. They are ideal for environments exposed to high heat (and work well for control panel nameplates, for example) as they will absolutely not deform over time, keeping your signage brilliant and functional long term!


Etched zinc nameplates are made of acid etched zinc, and are etched deeply at .030 with background or copy recessed at .030. They come in standard thicknesses of .039," .064," .125," and .250" and are available in various sizes up to 23.5" x 35.5." They are available in square, rectangle, and round shapes (no free forms) and can be mounted with holes or adhesive. The minimum order for etched zinc nameplates is 25.

Deep Etched Aluminum Poly Nameplates:

Deep etched aluminum poly nameplates allow for a decoration on the top surface of the signage, supported by aluminum below, and are ideal for when a bold and pronounced effect is desired. Comprised of both aluminum and etched poly, nameplates are rendered to look like aluminum but with the deep etched characteristics of zinc. Normal aluminum nameplates are etched a depth of .005' while these nameplates are deeply etched by ID3 Logos at .030" for a dramatic and striking effect. Please do note, however, that etched poly is water soluble and cannot be used in exterior applications or in applications subject to water or excess moisture.


Deep etched aluminum poly nameplates are a combination of .032" brushed aluminum with a .030" poly coating; EPoly is clear and constitutes the etched portion of the substrate. Copy can be recessed or raised, and is available in multiple colors. Nameplates can be mounted using holes or adhesive and are available in sizes up to 19" x 25." The minimum order for deep etched aluminum poly nameplates is 25.

Printed Aluminum and Domed Nameplates

Printed aluminum nameplates feature rich, vibrant colors not found in printed labels and are ideal for logo designs featuring multiple colors, shading, and tight registration. Clear doming on printed aluminum nameplates creates the ultimate in aesthetics. Because doming offers extreme durability, it is ideal for nameplates that require UV protection, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance.


ID3 Logos offers clear urethane doming on aluminum, stainless, and labels, and also offers domed nameplates/logos that are inserted into bezels or molded nameplates. Doming has a hardness of Shore D50 and an operating temperature range of -40F to 140F. Contact us for additional information about custom orders.