Zinc Nameplates / Etched Zinc

Zinc Nameplates/Etched Zinc 

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Etched Zinc Nameplates: Where Affordability Meets Elegance

Looking for bang-for-your-buck brilliance? Look no further than ID3 Logos' stunning etched zinc nameplates.

Why Zinc?

    • Cost-effective: Zinc shines without breaking the bank, especially for smaller quantities. No pricey tooling needed!
    • Aesthetic Chameleon: Brushed silver or gold, your choice. Both ooze sophistication and often outshine rivals.
    • Heat Hero: High temperatures? No problem. Zinc stays cool and collected, perfect for machinery and electronics.
    • Eye-Catching Artistry: Show off intricate designs and logos with stunning precision. Multiple colors? Zinc embraces them with open arms.

Technical Specs:

    • Deeply etched (.030") for a lasting impression.
    • Recessed copy or background (.030") adds dimension and drama.
    • Mount them with ease: holes or adhesive, you choose.
    • Various thicknesses (.039", .064", .125", .250") to fit your needs.
    • Available in shapes that make a statement: squares, rectangles, and elegant rounds. (Free-forms? Not this time, zinc.)
    • Control panel royalty: Zinc nameplates rule the roost when it comes to equipment interfaces.
    • Color explosion: Painted, screened, or metalized, zinc takes color like a champ.
    • Minimum order: 25 nameplates. Let's make a splash!

ID3 Logos: Your Zinc Nameplate Alchemists

We don't just craft nameplates, we craft masterpieces. Our passion for detail and color magic ensures your zinc nameplates rise above the ordinary.

Ready to transform your brand with the power of zinc? Let ID3 Logos guide you through the design and production process. We'll help you create etched zinc nameplates that leave a lasting impression, without leaving your wallet empty.

Contact us today and unleash the zinc revolution!