Zinc Nameplates / Etched Zinc

Zinc Nameplates/Etched Zinc 

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Zinc nameplates are a specialty at ID3 Logos because they offer the ultimate in aesthetics at a lower price point than other materials. If you are looking for a relatively small quantity of nameplates and would like to avoid the cost of tooling, then zinc nameplates are the way to go.  Etched zinc nameplates do not require tooling because as they are cut out of a sheet following the etching process, after which the colors and designs are applied.

Absolutely nothing matches the aesthetic quality of a well-made zinc nameplate. At ID3 Logos we possess an attention to detail and mastery of color that ensures the finest zinc nameplates; we guarantee a final product that will not be surpassed elsewhere. A definitive perk to etched zinc nameplates is that multiple colors can be used to achieve a dynamic and bold design, and therefore work well for showcasing intricate and detailed graphics. Etched zinc nameplates come in both brushed silver and brushed gold, both of which look outstanding and result in a product that that often appears superior to other choices in metal. Please do note that there are limitations to on the shape and cut-outs, and that etched zinc nameplates are not suitable for individual letter designs.

ID3 Logos recommends zinc nameplates for products exposed to high temperatures as zinc will not deform over time under these conditions.  As such, etched zinc nameplates are an excellent choice for faceplates on machinery or electronics that generate considerable heat. ID3 Logos will help you through the design and production process in order to create the perfect zinc nameplate for your specific usage. See specifications below:

What you need to know about Etched Zinc Nameplates:

  • Are acid etched zinc

  • Require no tooling and are etched deeply at .030

  • Have a background or copy recessed at .030

  • Can be mounted with holes or adhesive

  • Come in standard thicknesses of .039", .064", .125", and .250"

  • Exhibit the fine details of your artwork

  • Are ideal for high heat applications

  • Are available in various sizes up to 23.5" x 35.5"

  • Are available in square, rectangle, or round shapes (no free-forms)

  • Work well for control panel faceplates

  • Are available in a variety of colors (painted or screened) and metalization

The minimum order for Etched Zinc is 25 nameplates.