Individual Letter Nameplates
Chrome Plated Nameplates
Individual Letter Nameplates

Because we specialize in their production, chrome plated nameplates are in a class unto themselves at ID3 Logos. Their aesthetic quality is unparalleled by any other product and their utility is highly versatile.

Our chrome plated nameplates are rendered using a unique process of injection molding that produces a nameplate that will surpass your expectations. This process ensures a vibrant, crisp result every time and will not disappoint.

One of the greatest benefits of chrome plated nameplates is their beauty, aesthetic and quality. Both the chrome and the colors used are vibrant and resilient, made to last. Please note that no matter what, we are committed to honoring your budget and we have several chrome plated nameplate alternatives that are sure to meet your budgetary parameters if plastic chrome plated nameplates are currently beyond it. At ID3 Logos, your satisfaction is paramount.

Chrome plated nameplates are chic and professional looking, and can be made in either bright or matte silver. Like all molded nameplates, consider the shape, the individual letters, and the cutouts involved in the design when deciding whether or not chrome plating is your preferred option. Because of our molding methods, we are able to guarantee you chrome plated nameplates at a fraction of the cost of conventionally molded nameplates.

Chrome plated nameplates require tooling which results in a design that creates absolutely superior branding. As always, ID3 Logos is more than happy to assist you in the decision making process.

What you need to know about Chrome Plastic Nameplates:

  • Material is ABS
  • Mounted with holes, posts or permanent adhesive.
  • Chrome and colors are durable for roughly six years
  • Tooling required
  • Minimum order quantity is 250