nameplates, custom nameplates, three dimensional nameplates, 3d nameplates, name plate, nameplate, logo, product, logos, plastic, metal nameplates, etched zinc, injection molded, custom, architectural signage, industrial, plastic nameplatesNot all nameplates are created equal and beyond general appearance, there are a handful of critical factors to take into consideration when choosing the right nameplate for your purpose. After considering the following aspects and inquiries, let ID3 Logos help you devise the most optimal nameplate for your needs.

#1 Exposure to Environmental Elements

First and foremost, where is your nameplate going to be displayed? Indoors or outdoors? In an area exposed to humidity, salt, sunlight, and/or pollution? Will your nameplate be subject to temperature shifts? Metal nameplates tend to offer greater resiliency to inconsistent or more extreme weather conditions, and here at ID3 Logos we can help you select precisely the right material and finish to increase the longevity of your nameplate in the face of multiple environmental factors. For example, zinc nameplates are ideal for high heat scenarios, such as nameplates for grills, engines, etc. If your product is relatively sheltered from harsher conditions, then the creative versatility of plastic nameplates may be more appropriate for your product. Etched poly, for instance, is an excellent alternative to metal nameplates, but can only be used indoors.

#2 Aesthetics

How much work do you want your nameplate to do in attracting attention to your product? Do you want a nameplate in color? A nameplate with some type of backlighting? A nameplate with individual lettering? How complex is your logo or artwork and how well will it translate to a nameplate? The degree to which you want your copy to pop and entice will actually dictate which material is most ideal for rendering your nameplate. Three-dimensional nameplates, for example, convey a product appeal that labels simply do not, and increase customer interest.

#3 Surface Reliability

Similar to #1 above, consider how strong your nameplate has to be in regards to general, daily wear and tear. How scratch resistant does your nameplate need to be? Will it be presented in a high traffic or low traffic area? What cleaning products will it be exposed to regularly? What level of care and maintenance are you looking to uphold?

#4 Mounting Options

Keep in mind that where and how your nameplate needs to be hung will inform you decision about which nameplate type to purchase. For instance, some nameplates--injection molded plastic nameplates for instance--can be mounted using holes, adhesive, or posts. Deep etched aluminum nameplates, on the other hand, cannot be mounted using posts. We are happy to help you determine which nameplate options are best for your specific setting.

#5 Context and Purpose

Are you drawing attention to a luxury item for sale or are you highlighting an employee of the month? Are you communicating commercial appeal or straightforward information? Does your signage need to communicate a potential safety hazard or does it need to draw attention to an item for sale that could be easily overlooked? Every facet of your greater context and purpose should be taken into consideration as you choose the nameplate right for you.

We here at ID3 Logos are excited to help aid you in the complex decision-making process as you create the perfect nameplate(s) for your unique brand. Remember that our nameplates are constructed around your personal and professional requirements and are guaranteed for the life or your product.