The power of a great logo Nameplates 3d plastic metal etchedA logo is the visual emblem of a larger, overall brand identity system. While the logo is a critical piece of branding that both embodies and transports a brand, the logo does not carry meaning singularly. A good logo exists when it is backed by a beloved brand that is loaded with meaning, sensory experiences, and feelings. A good logo becomes good the moment it does its job serving as the visual representation of a brand or product.

There is a difference between a good and a great logo, however, and the discrepancy typically exists in terms of practicality and functionality. When designing a logo for a physical product, the logo should add meaning to the product as well as reflect inherent qualities of said product. In terms of functionality, three-dimensional logos accomplish this in the truest sense: they have a mark of quality unto themselves as well as an inherent association with a brand. Not all logo designs can be well-rendered as three-dimensional logos, though, and a really good or even great logo should carry function as well as intrinsic meaning.

A great logo is absolutely functional, but is simple enough to take on the meaning of a brand without adding too much clutter or superfluous detail. A great logo must be easily recognizable, which requires that its shape allows for nearly immediate recognition. Then, upon recognition, a sense of emotional impact can be elicited if behind the logo mark is a tried, true, and trusted brand. To that point, a logo on its own is somewhat worthless; it is practically impossible to judge the value of a neutral logo, however aesthetically pleasing it may be. Imagine viewing the Apple or Nike logos before the companies and brands existed––you'd probably have little to no reaction to these symbols because they have existed in a vacuum.  So a great logo also has to reflect the current time it exists within; it must remain fresh, up-to-date, and culturally relevant.

Even a great logo can and should grow and evolve the same way human beings do so with time and environmental shifts. Updating a logo is necessitated by changes to the brand and character behind it. A visual centerpiece--the logo--should continually reflect the brand it stands for.  At ID3 Logos, we specialize in three dimensional logos and nameplates. We can help you in your design process as it evolves, and we are excellent judges of what actually works versus what is just visual clutter. We aim to truly understand your product and are interested in representing it with the absolute best logo, design, and overall manufacturing. Contact us today for a consultation.