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Among ID3 Logos' top specialties are chrome plated, injection molded nameplates, and as such, these nameplates boast an aesthetic quality unmatched by competitors. There are several perks to choosing chrome plated, injection molded nameplates, as detailed below. Contact ID Logos directly for a more comprehensive overview of our nameplate options and a personal consultation about your unique needs.

Cost: In short, these nameplates provide the appearance and overall appeal of metal for the cost of plastic. Our unique molding methods allows for beautifully rendered nameplates at a fraction of the cost of conventionally molded nameplates. We even have several plastic plating alternatives should chrome still be cost prohibitive.

Appearance:  Chrome can be rendered in bright or matte silver, and maintains a sleek and classy look over time. Color can also be utilized on these nameplates as well, and both the color and the chrome are durable for roughly six years, sometimes longer!

Versatility: ABS not only exceptional in presentation, but is highly durable, making these nameplates suitable for a variety of purposes and contexts. Tooling is required, but there are a range of mounting options including holes, posts, and permanent adhesive.

The minimum order for chrome plated, injection molded nameplates is 250. Contact ID3 Logos today and let us assist you with all steps of the process from design to production. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide on the best and most prestigious appearing material for your nameplates within your specific budget.