sign slippery wet cautionThe importance of workplace safety labels cannot be overstated. Ensuring that your employees are aware of potential dangers in the workplace--both indoors and out--is critical to guaranteeing that no one is injured on the job. Failure to display proper safety signage puts both your employees' safety and the integrity of your business at risk, so let ID3 Logos help you design the necessary and appropriate signage to properly communicate potential dangers and prevent mishaps on the job.  ID3 Logos can render signage in various colors and materials with various mounting and display options; contact us today to customize signage for your unique workplace needs.

Copy and Graphics

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) states that safety labels should include both a pictogram--a visual symbol--and text copy that communicates an immediate risk. The most effective signs utilize copy that is short and to the point, as paired with a simple but clear graphic--for example, a large exclamation point or a skull and crossbones. The most common signal words and their typical presentation are below.

Notice: Presented in blue text, this sign reminds that an environment may pose risks in general.

Caution: Presented in yellow text, this sign communicates risk of mild or moderate injury.

Warning: Presented in orange text, this sign is utilized when serious injury or death is a risk.

Danger: Presented in red text, this sign is reserved for contexts in which death or very serious injury is an immediate threat.

Types of Safety Labels

Building and Facility:

These are the most common types of workplace safety signage, and remind of basic, everyday safety precautions within the environment. For example, these labels issues warnings such as watching your step, closing doors, wearing proper clothing and footwear, etc.


Any piece of equipment--electronic, mechanical, heavy--that poses even the slightest risk of injury should showcase a clear and visible safety label informing of the specific risks accompanying operation. It is particularly important to render these labels in resilient materials and to update them frequently, as they often become worn with time and use.

Fire Equipment and Emergency Exit:

Signage related to fire prevention and safety are critical for staying up to code, as businesses are monitored by local fire departments regularly. These labels should always be printed in capitalized text copy, in red, and should be accompanied by a pictogram indicating proper use or protocol. EXIT signs should ideally be backlit and should be placed above all entryways that lead outdoors and that can be used in the event of a fire.